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| Last Updated:19/06/2018

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Shirui youth revamp abode of Lily

 Source: The Sangai Express

Ukhrul, January 18 2016: The Shirui Youth Club with the objective of protecting and preserving the State flower Shirui Lily and its abode Shirui Kashong has decided to take up a number of initiatives from the coming season.

Major revamping of Shirui Kashong, where the Lily flourishes, plantation of Lilies at the mountain to increase the number of the rare flower etc are some of the steps that will be put into motion.

According to vice chairman SYC, Vammaso, Shirui village has endorsed the youth to check forest fire and impose strictures on felling of trees at Shirui mountain.

These steps have been taken up to ensure that Shirui Lily grows without any hindrances or threat on her survival.

Vammaso added that villagers have noticed the rapid decrease of Lily flowers within a short span because of human activities at the forest.

The local village youth have also repaired the footpath and the narrow track on the way to Shirui Kashong.

It is to ensure that the visitors or tourists walk freely while trekking to the mountain peak.

Seeing the rapid decrease in the number of Shirui Lily since last year the village youth have started gathering Lily seeds.

The preserved seeds were sown last week.

The villagers confidently stated that the number of Shirui Lily at Kashong will increase and added that more Lilies will bloom this year.

Shirui Lily start to bloom from the second week of May.