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| Last Updated:14/09/2020

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Rescued animals handed to PFA

  Source: The Sangai Express


Imphal, December 13 2014: One Thoudam Manglemba Meitei from Thoudam Maning Leikai who is a ward member of Leisangthem GP handed over three orphaned juvenile Eastern Grass owls to PFA Manipur yesterday. According to a statement, Manglemba heard on Thursday night that some young boys killed two parent owls and caught three siblings from around the Ikop lake. He rushed to the area early next morning and bought the three cute juvenile owls at Rs 600 from the boys. The three owls are now at PFA. They will be nurtured and trained till they attend adulthood for relocation. In another incident, PFA rescued one young Asian openbill stork from Charangpat Maning Leikai. One Thokchom Ojit found it at his paddy field today morning. The upper mandible of the beak of the stork was found cracked and bleeding as if hit by a catapult. PFA had to stick a piece of hard plastic strip with glue to keep the crack in place. It is under strict medication. One, Priyananda Laishram of Yairipok Poreikhongjin handed over another juvenile owl to PFA. He rescued the owl from some young boy of his locality, it added.