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| Last Updated:14/09/2020

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News Archive of 2013

Imphal, January 11 2013: Snowfall in State as mercury dips

Imphal, January 14 2013: Two Sangai fawns born at Langol home

Imphal, January 16 2013: Wildlife protection campaign launched

Imphal, January 21 2013: Need to combat climatic change stressed

Imphal, February 15 2013: Sangai rescued

Imphal, March 05 2013: Climate change action plan report

Imphal, March 13 2013: Healthy sighting of Sangai brings cheers

Imphal, March 13 2013: Loktak is our inherited property: Fishermen

Imphal, March 14 2013: Green workshop

Imphal, March 17 2013 : Storm damages houses in Bongmol, Chandel district

Imphal, March 19 2013: Shirui Lily discovered in adjoining areas of Shirui

New Delhi, March 24 2013 : NE finally attracts attention of climate scientists

Imphal, April 03 2013: Top job for environmentalist

Imphal, May 11 2013: Langol Reserve Forest losing its sheen

Imphal, May 12 2013: Tree plantation drive kicks off

Imphal, May 15, 2013: From poachers now...Sangais face chemical threat at Keibul Lamjao

Imphal, May 16 2013: Sirui expedition week ends

Imphal, May 22 2013 : Bio-diversity day

Imphal, May 22 2013 : Biodiversity Day at Senapati

Imphal, May 22, 2013: International Biological Diversity Day observed

Imphal, May 27 2013: Sangai population pegged at 206

Imphal, June 05 2013: World Environment Day widely observed

KANGGUI, June 06, 2013: World Environment Day observed at Kangpokpi, Tamenglong

Imphal, June 10 2013: Climate change dwarfs Shirui Lily

Senapati, June 10 2013: World Environment Day observed at Senapati

Imphal, June 10 2013: Gadwall tops the list of water-birds visiting Loktak

Imphal, June 12 2013: Birds handed over

Imphal, June 12 2013: Monitor lizard, Tokay Gecko rescued

Imphal, June 13 2013: Mercury jumps, experts caution against stroke

Imphal, June 22 2013: 'Save Forest' competition

Imphal, June 27 2013: Sangais

Imphal, July 10  2013: Sangais 'sinking' in their natural habitat as erosion hits phumdis hard Wildlife Institute of India sounds warning bell, says floating biomass likely to disappear

Imphal, July 12 2013: Slow Loris rescued, Tokay Gecko released

Imphal, July 13 2013:National environmental awareness camp

Imphal, July 24 2013:Environment camp held

Imphal, July 28 2013:Environment campaign held

Imphal, July 29 2013:Biodiversity conservation

Imphal, July 31 2013: Environment programme held

Imphal, August 01 2013:Awareness

Imphal, August 01 2013:Conservation of aquatic biodiversity

Imphal, August 16 2013: Rare bird rescued

Imphal, October 03 2013: Nod to Bamboo Soup Industries in State

Imphal, October 07 2013: PM for mass awareness on wildlife heritage

Imphal, October 20 2013:MU team discover 5 more new fish species

Keibul Lamjao, December 09 2013:Winter visitors to Loktak on the rise

Imphal,  December 12 2013:Rarest duck Mandarin sighted at Loktak lake

December 17 2013:Hills waking up to birds' role in economics of biodiversity

December 17 2013: Wild animal meat set on fire

December 19 2013:Climate change hits Tamenglong

December 30 2013:Manipur Environment Calendar released

December 31 2013  :Tokay Gecko enlisted under Wildlife (Protection) Act