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| Last Updated: 02/01/2021

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National Cleanliness Day 2020

 National Cleanliness Day is celebrated in India on the 30th of January every year. As the name suggests, the day is observed to highlight and maintain high standards of cleanliness in all places be it a workplace, homes, or other public places like railway stations, bus stops, parks, etc. Cleanliness is an essential necessity for a society to thrive and keeping our environment clean is not just a positive essence of life, but also reflects a great impact on everyone’s health.

From schools to classrooms, colleges, public places, roads, be it villages or urban cities, every place calls for a healthy and hygienic essence so that living beings, including human beings, animals, as well as plants can stay better and healthy.

The day observes a list of events including sanitation campaigns, which are organized by panchayats in the villages, wherein a list of debate competitions, quizzes, essay writing competitions, etc. are held in schools and other places to increase awareness of cleanliness and why sanitation is important. Alongside the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, the government has also introduced the Nirmal Gram Puruskan program, wherein incentives are given to those villages, which have strived to function with full sanitation and gotten rid of open-defecation issues. read more>>