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| Last Updated:: 10/01/2016

Creative Recycling Ideas

In my daily waste, at-least one newspaper is there. Let’s make out best things out of waste newspaper. Newspaper is a such type of waste which is easily available in most of houses so that Below ideas for newspaper recycling are really helpful to each and every person.

Recycle Newspaper and make an easy DIY Bag1)  DIY Newspaper Bag

You can use this bag as a gift wrapper or use it in any another way. It’s quick and easy to do and Use another decorative things to give a different look to DIY news-paper bag.

Steps :: 

1. Take a news-paper in rectangle shape and fold them so that folding paper is in square shape

2. Stick both folded end as shown in second step.

3. Fold square from bottom.

4. Make a corner-triangle shape as shown in 4th step at bottom end.

5. After 4th step make a folding so it’s looked like a fifth step and stick them in that condition.

6.  Your bag is ready from bottom side.

7. Make folding from upper side of bag and tie them using decorative things.